To free the University of Lethbridge campus from tobacco addictions, and unsolicited exposure to tobacco industry marketing.
March 10-31 - Smoke Free Nightlife Contest.

January 17-22 - STR hits the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge Community College.

January 17-22 - National Non-Smoking Week. More details available soon.

Dec 4 - Make your voice heard by writing a letter to the editor or contacting your MLA. Instructions available

Nov 24 - STR brings its message about the injustice of second-hand smoke in the workplace to the Career Conference at the Lethbridge Community College.

Sep 23 - Drop-dead event reminds students that 40 000 Albertans die of smoking related illnesses every year. A media event took place with the back-drop of "bodies" hanging in the U of L atrium to represent the Albertans who are killed by tobacco products.

April 24 - STR speaks at AADAC Conference UNFILTERED: The Truth about Tobacco on Campus, sponsored by AADAC to encourage anti-tobacco lobbying province wide

April 20 - STR gets coast to coast exposure on CBC Radio 1. Listen in on Monday (April 26) at 10 am to hear Sheila Rogers interview us on Sounds like Canada

February 16 - Smoke-free punk rock concert at The Gate

Quiting is easier with HELP.
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Smoke-Free Entertainment In Lethbridge

March 10-31/05 - Smoke Free Nightlife Contest - We are pleased to announce our Smoke Free Nightlife Contest to showcase different smoke free businesses in Lethbridge. Enter into a draw for scholarship money, grocery coupons and gift certificates.

November 30/04 - Students Blow Smoke on Campus Little Cigars Marketing - A student-led research project has uncovered extensive tobacco industry marketing in Canadian universities and colleges and widespread participation of university and college administrations in these marketing activities.

November 10/04 - Is the tobacco industry responsible for lives being taken by tobacco use? - The tobacco industry argues that it is a legimate industry and responsible member of society. Victims of cheap cigars marketing tend to disagree. Find out why the cigars industry's behaviour is anything but responsible.

What's wrong with tobacco and Electronic Cigarette sponsorship? What changes do we need?

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